is the website of The Miles Merwin Association. The family genealogy association was formed in 1957 and named for Miles Merwin, our original immigrant ancestor in North America.
Miles was born in England in 1623. As a boy he sailed to America on a ship which landed near Boston about 1640. Soon afterward Miles settled in Connecticut and lived most of his adult life in Milford, where he died in 1697. He is buried there in Milford Cemetery. In 1959 The Association replaced his badly deteriorated original tombstone with a replica.
The Miles Merwin Association was established to document our family genealogy, now in its 14th generation in America. It publishes an association newsletter, “Milestones,” twice a year, containing information about Merwin births, marriages and deaths, plus historical sketches of interest to Merwins. It also reports about our annual July reunions, which are usually held in Milford. The Association has published four hard bound volumes of family genealogy and plans to merge the four volumes into a single digital CD.
Membership is open to anyone who can be established as a lineal descendant of Miles Merwin or is married to such a descendant. Annual dues are $12.50. For inquiries about membership, please contact The Association with information which may document a relationship to the Miles Merwin Family in North America. While many Merwins in North America descend from our immigrant Miles, there are some Merwins in North America who are not related to Miles. Among other Merwins in North America there is a sizeable Merwin family line of German descent which at one time spelled the name Merwine.
Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage you to explore its links to learn more about the Merwins in North America and our upcoming 2011 reunion.